Release Notes

Invoflow 1.1

Released on 20-05-2024

🚀 New Features & Enhancements

  • Stunning New Invoice View: Experience your invoices like never before with our 3D viewer.
  • Signatures on Invoices: Easily add your signature and your customer's signature to invoices.
  • Enhanced Export Options: Export multiple invoices as PDF or CSV with just a few taps.
  • Interactive Invoice Management: Change invoice status quickly with long press or swipe actions.

📈 Productivity Boosters

  • Redesigned Customer View: Now includes a 3D view of your invoices and displays the last 10 invoices.
  • Profile Pictures: Add profile pictures for your customers to personalize your records.
  • Product Photos: Add photos to your products for better visual management.
  • Customizable App Accent Color: Make Invoflow truly yours by changing the app’s accent color.

🔧 Fixes & Improvements

  • Discount Display Issue Fixed: Discounts now correctly appear on PDF invoices.
  • Invoice CSV Enhancements: Includes invoice status and payment method.
  • Menu Reorganization: Easier editing, archiving, and deleting of customers, invoices, and products.
  • Specific Tax Rates for Products: Assign unique tax percentages to each product.
  • Notifications Bug Fix: Resolved issues with unwanted notifications.
  • Performance Optimizations: Enjoy a smoother and faster app experience.

🎁 Extras

  • Support for Developers: Show your support by tipping the developers directly within the app.

🌐 Language Support Update

  • To streamline our development process and focus on the core features that benefit the majority of our users, we have removed support for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish. This decision allows us to allocate more resources to enhancing the app's functionality and user experience. We appreciate your understanding and are here to support you through this transition.

Invoflow 1.0.1

Released on 28-03-2024

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing app crashes: App no longer crashes when opening certain invoices.
  • Resolved synchronization problem: Synchronization with cloud storage is now stable.
  • Addressed display glitches: Display issues on older devices have been fixed.